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GenXC Solar Dealer Program

We focus on the customer experience first, so that our partners can generate a volume of referrals from their customers!

How we are Different:

Our values are sown in each of our employees so that they can transmit them to our clients and partners.

Our Core Values


We do the right thing…. Direct, open and honest communication.

Commitment to clients

It is a Solar Business but it really is a People business


We treat others as we expect to be treated…

Team Work

Together as a Team We Achieve Results

Self Improvement

We are committed to continuous growth of our team members.

Fast installation = fast commissions

GenXC Solar ensures a quality installation with best-in-class lead times. We work to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their system. We install quicker so you can get faster commissions.

We are not afraid of difficult projects

Motivated homeowners often fail to get qualified for solar or are turned away because at GenXC Solar, this isn’t a problem! It’s an opportunity. We provide flexible financing options and solution

Our Finance Partners

Your reps will remain your reps

We pledge complete loyalty and partnership with our dealers. No rep can circumvent you to work directly with us or for another GenXC Solar Dealer without your written permission. No exceptions!

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